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I feel that I enter the dawn of a new phase in my life I see the light of the light string appears on the horizon is weak hair in the middle of a long dark night. I find myself relating to this thread weak scared to flow between my hands and I live in the darkness of the night again and a part of me wants to ignore it so as not to hit a fade in or when to die. I am blind, who used to life in the dark and terrified when he heard about a new drug can bring back to life hope inside once again after years and lived without it years ago.
Help me ALLAH, without hope life...
by Admin - Comments: 12 - Views: 811

Breaks my heart to know your gone
It breaks my heart to know you're not here,
Not a day goes by where i don't shed a tear,
Tears of joy, tears of sorrow all in the mix,
If i were an angel, this mess i would fix!
But i know thats not possible,
So heres what i'll say,
Hold onto our love,
Till we meet you some day! X

Please offer your prayers to Michael we miss him so much x
by Tracey24 - Comments: 1 - Views: 247

Forgive me my candle
There was a butterfly flying around a candle can not find other to be a source of warmth in the day and asked itself why are you flying around this candle you will burn if get closer why don't you look for the other have light without its fire and warmth without burning so this butterfly decided to fly away searching of a source of warmth and light butterfly flew and it heard shouting candle say to her come back to me, you will not find anybody else to warm you and light your way Return ....... But it blocked its ear from a call from her candle and flew...
by ENG. Hend Refai - Comments: 0 - Views: 513

يا ترى
I wander
هل تفكر في مثلما افكر فيك
do you think of me as I do
هل تشتاق الي هل نسيتني
do you miss me, do you forget me
ام انك تحاول ان تتناساني
or you are trying to forget about me
هل داويت حبي بحب غيره
did you heal my love with another
ام ان حبي اقوى من ان ينسيك اياه اي حب اخر
or my love is too strong to heal from
هل تتعذب في بعدي
are you suffer while I'm a way
ام انك اعتدت فراقي
or you get used to my absence
اتذكر متى كانت اخر مرة التقت فيها عينانا
I remember the last time when our eyes...
by ENG. Hend Refai - Comments: 0 - Views: 498

Tell me what I mean to you. Do you love me or just like me or you don’t think about me at all. I feel your love in your eyes I feel it when you angry. I feel it in your smile. Tell me why didn’t you say something? I don’t know what to do. Believe your eyes or your non spoken words. Do you love me or not? Answer me. I’m sick of waiting your words
I’m tired from your silent love
by ENG. Hend Refai - Comments: 0 - Views: 227

I can't say how much I love you
Just like love myself and more
Just like love the world and more
I love you more than anything in the world
I can't tell you how I feel with you
It just like I have the world
It just like I catch the sun
It just like I reach the sky
Oh how I wish to be with you
Close enough to feel you
To hear the rellathim of your heart
To feel warm of you breathe
But who gets what he wants
by ENG. Hend Refai - Comments: 0 - Views: 221

How much I miss you
Oh my love I can't tell you how much I miss you
I really do more than the night misses the sun
More than the winter miss the warm
More than heart miss love
Oh my love I can't tell you how much I need you
I really do more than roses needs rain
More than baby needs his won mother
More than birds need wings
I love you from all my heart
I love you body and soul
I love you tell the end of days
You are the stares in my sky
You are the moon in my nights
You are the candle in my darkness
You are my all
by ENG. Hend Refai - Comments: 0 - Views: 233

I can't help this feeling
I can't hide it
It shows in look to you
It shows in my hand when you hold it
When I saw you it feels just like heaven
When I saw you all my sadness goes away
All my darkness vanish
All my fairs disappears
Oh if I just can see you again
If I just can hold your hand
If I just can be with you forever
I know that's all I want just to be close to you
All I want to feel you
by Admin - Comments: 0 - Views: 253

Poem Theme
People do suffer from the inevitable life’s doctrine (creed) which is the loss….all human beings must lose at some points of their lives ; things like: times of joy, times of heath, power and fun that once passed with ease…and their beloved family members, friends, idols, pets,…etc who die all of a sudden leaving them in misery talking to air and shadows with only photos and memories that are blessings giving us a motive to live without them. Yet comes the faith and believing in God’s wisdom and mercy behind all that pain:…. to be a golden ticket...
by Guest - Comments: 5 - Views: 246
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